Vape pen fire Lawyer Miami Florida

Vape pen fire Lawyer Miami Florida
Vape pen fire Lawyer Miami Florida

E-cigarettes are thought to be a safe alternative to smoking.  However, while vaping e-cigs, mods or vape pens, may smell better and are yet unlinked to cancer and other health problems, there is a potential risk of injury. It is a danger that the e-cigarette and lithium ion battery manufacturers, distributors, and retailers don’t want users to know about and are very much so trying to keep secret. This secret danger is that that the lithium ion batteries that power the e-cigarette or vapor mod can explode or catch fire spontaneously causing severe injuries and even death. The culprit, usually a cheaply made lithium ion battery powering the vape pen or mod.

The fires or explosions happen suddenly and with no warning. One may hear a hissing sound right before the explosion. The battery or mod itself will start shooting fireballs like a Roman candle, melting anything that it comes in contact with, including skin. The most common cause is a short circuit of sorts due to the lithium ion battery coating being damaged or just so cheaply made, that it becomes a ticking time bomb. Often the positive and negative charges comes in contact with metal in someone’s pant’s pockets or within the mod itself, causing a short or spark. The cheaply made and poorly designed battery can ignite like a firework or stick of dynamite.

The lithium ion batteries and other electronic components of vaping pens and e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA. There are no consumer protections to prevent low cost, counterfeit, or outright defective e-cigarette batteries from being sold in vapor store  franchises and online. Loose regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), allow for the devices, which are typically powered by some type of lithium ion batteries from China,  to be sold through the country to unknowing customers who think they are doing themselves a favor by making the switch from smoking to vaping.

Since 2009, battery defects have been regularly injuring  users. Most of the time the injuries are going to be severe or result in death as recently happened to a Florida man who’s home caught fire after his vape pen exploded. The explosion not only injured his face, but caused a fire in the home leading to his death. Often times the battery can explode while in the users mouth mouth. Our e-cigarette battery explosion lawyers have seen traumatic dental and facial injuries when the mods or pens explode like a stick of dynamite while being puffed. The most common injury appears to be thigh, genital, and hand injuries because many people carry the batteries or mod in their pants pocket. We recently had a client whose genitals, thighs and hand sustained third degree burns when the lithium ion battery exploded in his jean shorts. This happened in park while our client was playing with his children. Imagine if it had occurred while he was driving on the highway with his kids as he was moments before. There could have been multiple fatalities.

Often times the vapor pen franchisees do not even know what they are selling because the the franchisor or corporate entity determines the what batteries and mods the store can sell. The  mom and pop store owners have to buy all of their supplies, including the batteries though the franchisor who may reap the benefit of a bulk discount or possibly even have an interest in the manufacturing company in a far away Asian country. Most of the battery products are made overseas, in countries like China where manufacturing is known to corners to have good pricing without any regard for safety. This vapor e-cigarette battery injury law firm has held the sellers and distributors of these dangerous products with no or inadequate warnings on the product or packaging, accountable for their defective products. If you have suffered injuries after a vape pen lithium ion battery injury explosion or fire, contact Perkins Laws Offices in Miami at 855-741-5297 or email Call or email 24 hours a day. We have an e-cigarette and lithium ion battery explosion and fire attorney ready to assist you get compensation if you are burned or seriously injured.

The key thing you need to know as a victim who wants to bring an injury claim or lawsuit for an e-cigarette or lithium ion battery explosion or fire is  to know exactly when and where the battery or device was purchased. Its beneficial to have receipts or ATM/credit statements as proof of where you bought it. Save the damaged battery and related equipment. The sellers of these defective batteries and vape pen e-cigarettes always try to blame the user for not using or storing it correctly, claiming the user over charged the battery, or storing a battery without a protective case, or putting it in your pocket with other items causing metal on metal contact which can short these dangerous batteries. In one case we have, the vapor e-cigarette store and franchise blames the injured user for putting a single backup lithium ion battery in his pant’s pocket with his car key. Meanwhile the store that sold the battery sold it to him charged, outside of any packaging, and never told him not to put it in his pocket because it could catch fire or explode due to a possible short even though a lithium battery exploded in the store before. They now expect people to anticipate these products will explode or catch fire rather than stoping from selling these inherently dangerous batteries. The e-cigarette industry does not want people to know the dangers because they do not want to be found liable for all of the batteries and products that have been sold over the years and have flooded the market.  The e-cigarette industry has a long way to go to implement and improve standards in the battery supply chain. That is why Perkins Law Offices lithium ion battery explosion injury attorneys will fight for you and the get you the money you deserve for your pain and suffering, your lost wages and your medical bills. With 20 years years of experience assisting victims of personal injury, our firm is ready to work tirelessly on your behalf to get the recovery you deserve and hold the lithium ion battery distributors accountable. We have the necessary resources to go up against the vapor pen e-cigarette battery industry.

Our compassionate e-Cigarette vapor pen and lithium ion battery explosion attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve for medical bills, loss of income and other damages you may have suffered as a result of a vape pen explosion and fires.

If you have suffered injuries after a vape  injury explosion or fire or lithium ion battery explosion or fire, contact Perkins Laws Offices in Miami at 855-741-(LAWS) 5297 or email Call or email 24 hours a day.