Recent Representative Results.

  • $1,450,000 Settlement – ORLANDO, FL – CAR ACCIDENT- Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers recovered $1,450,000 for a 34-year old mother of three who sustained a crippling surgical injury to her dominate hand.

  • $1,000,000 Settlement – MIAMI, FL – PREMISES LIABILITY- Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers recovered $1,000,000 for a 66 year-old North Miami woman who was electrocuted while cooking because her landlord improperly wired her electric range without grounding it causing her to sustain a compression fracture and 3rddegree burns after being thrown against the wall spilling a scolding hot metal pot full soup on herself. The insurer tendered the maximum policy limit possible after Mr. Perkins artfully cross-examined the slumlord Defendant.

  • $10,500,000 Settlement – Wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit arising out of tragic vehicle accident on I-75 which had many facets, including roadway construction issues, accident reconstruction, product liability, bad faith and under-insured motorist claims.

  • $1,100,000 Settlement – A young woman who was passenger in uninsured vehicle which rear ended a tractor trailer causing serious injuries including facial reconstruction, broken shoulder and neck. State Farm denied UM coverage under her father’s Umbrella policy. Complaint for declaratory relief and damages was filed and after litigating case for over a year, the court entered Summary Judgement against State Farm who paid soon thereafter.

car accident

More Recent Results.

  • $1,725,000 Settlement –  Our client was a young woman who was raped on cruise ship by cabin attendant.

  • $1,050,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement – A wrongful death of disabled teenager who died due improperly performed emergency bronchoscopy when doctors and hospital staff failed to recognize that he developed a pneumothorax.

  • $2,500,000 Settlement – A product liability and negligence claim arising out of defective and negligently maintained ventilator which malfunctioned during power outage killing young man with muscular dystrophy.

  • $1,025,000 Settlement – A case located in Miami-Dade County in a dram shop case for personal injuries sustained after drunk driver caused car accident.

  • $400,000 Settlement – Miami, FL– SLIP & FALL ACCIDENT- Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers recovered $400,000 for a 65-year-old woman who injured her knee when she slipped and fell on a wet floor in condominium lobby. The condo knew for years that the floor had a tendency to become wet and slippery due to condensation on warm days, yet failed to properly correct the dangerous condition or adequately warn people about the wet tile floor as they entered the lobby.

More Recent Results.

  • $1,000,000 wrongful death settlement for family of college student killed in a drunk driving accident on a Daytona Beach highway. Alex Perkins was able to get to times of the policy limits when th after the drunk driver’s insurance company acted in bad faith and failed to immediately tender the $100,000 limits.

  • $1,000,000 settlement for family of man killed when the rotator blades a remote control helicopter used in the filming of a low budget movie hit man in head causing brain injury and eventual death.

  • $850,000 settlement when a bus hit and killed man as he stood on median in Miami Beach. Lawsuit filed against Bus Company, Owner of Bus and Construction Company performing work in the area.

helicopter injury
medical malpractice results

More Recent Results.

  • $800,000 Elderly man who just underwent hip replacement was re-injured after he fell from his malfunctioning air mattress in hospital requiring additional hip surgeries.

  • $700,000 settlement for woman who severely fractured hip and wrist when two boats collided in the Florida Keys at night.

  • $640,000 medical malpractice award for widow for the wrongful death of her husband against multiple medical facilities and cardiologist where defendants failed to properly read nuclear stress tests and inform decedent he advanced heart disease, thereby negligently clearing him for elective surgery from which he died.

More Recent Results.

  • $600,000 full policy limits recovery from involved insurers on behalf of wife and mother of three killed in hotly contested liability car accident in Tampa, Florida.

  • $414,000 verdict in Key West for non surgical pelvis fracture after man rear ended off his motorcycle.

  • $400,000 settlement with federal government in Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) medical malpractice lawsuit brought on behalf of a Vietnam veteran who underwent a colonoscopy with contaminated equipment. It was discovered that the Miami VA potentially infected thousands of veterans to HIV and Hepatitis after not properly sterilizing colonoscopy equipment for four years.

motorcycle accidents

More Recent Results.

  • $310,000 of personal money recovered by attorney Alex Perkins on behalf of a minor abused by her grandfather in Naples, Fl.

  • $340,000 recovery in negligent security case for man shot in hand at strip mall where owners of property knew area was dangerous at night and refused to fix power to parking lot lights.

  • Confidential six figure settlement reached against restaurant for food poisoning death.

  • $230,000 settlement for Key West fisherman who was forced to lay down his motorcycle after being cut off by tow truck causing shoulder tears and dislocation requiring surgery.

More Recent Results.

  • $275,000 settlement for elderly woman who fractured hip when automatic electric sliding door on cruise ship closed on her, knocking her hard to deck.

  • $260,000 settlement for woman who slipped, fell and broke her hip on painted shuffleboard surface in middle of promenaded deck of Cruise ship.

  • $247,5000 Pasco County settlement for young boy who badly burned foot on smoldering embers of bondfire at children’s birthday party that property owner failed to put out or warn about.

  • $200,000 for married couple when off duty police officer hit them with pick-up truck as the couple walked across street.

medical injury x ray
multi car accident miami

More Recent Results.

  • $200,000 settlement for married couple injured when their vehicle was rear ended in chain reaction accident started by careless truck driver.

  • $242,500 Confidential medical malpractice settlement against hospital for woman who had just had hip surgery at hospital and two days later was dropped by physical therapist during therapy requiring revision surgery.

  • $199,000 settlement for prominent Chicago doctor who fell and injured himself in a bank parking garage due to a dangerous condition and code violation on the stairs connecting office building to garage

  • $145,000 settlement for 12 year a old cheerleader who required hand surgery after being injured on a treadmill in a fitness room at an Orlando resort hotel.

More Recent Results.

  • $145,000 recovery from The Standard Hotel on Miami Beach for 21 year old girl who tripped an fell on wood deck along Biscayne Bay.

  • $185,000 recovery for elderly woman who had a trip and fall at grocery store in Coral Gables, Florida.

  • $150,00 settlement for young woman with non surgical ankle and ear injuries when metal scaffolding collapsed on her while she was attending a street fair in Coral Gables, Florida.

  • $125,000 settlement for stabbing injury to minor under Florida’s Open House Party Statute, F.S. 865.015. A young man was stabbed at Miami house party where alcohol was served to minors with adult owners of house present when fight broke out.

wheelchair accident miami

More Recent Results.

  • $100,000 settlement for retired doctor who fell on the valet ramp of the Madarin oriental Hotel breaking his hip.

  • $125,000 recovery for elderly man who fell off out of code handicap ramp at seafood restaurant in Marathon, Florida.

  • $100,000 settlement for Puerto Rican singer who required hand surgery when she slipped and fell on her condo’s lobby on Miami Beach.

  • $100,000 recovery of BI and Uninsured Motorist benefits for High School student who broke his ankle in car accident caused by uninsured driver.

  • $100,000 maximum sovereign immunity cap recovery pursuant to f.s. 768.28 from Miami-Dade County for abuse of disabled boy at group home run by county agency.

More Recent Results.

  • $100,000 settlement for young man stabbed with non-fatal spleen and lung injury outside of Coconut Grove bar where bouncers allowed attackers to continue fight that stated inside the premises and would not let him back in.

  • $120,000 for man and his daughters hit by drunk driver on I95.

  • $100,000 recovery against Citizens Insurance homeowners policy for fall off ladder resulting in broken wrist$100,000 full policy limits recover for woman who fell of bicycle and broke leg due to unsafe driving by another woman in a golf cart in their adult neighborhood.

  • $100,000 settlement with The Standard Hotel on Miami beach for fractured patella when woman fell due to dangerous condition on the property.

x ray after driving accident

More Recent Results.

  • $100,000 settlement for Key west waiter who sustained transverse process fracture after being hit bar car while he rode his bike to work.

  • $100,000 settlement for Miami woman who sustained head injury. Alex Perkins able to obtain 10 times the policy limits (extra contractual money ) when auto insurance company failed to initially tender a minimal $10,000 Bodily Injury limits on behalf of its insured.

  • $138,000 settlement on behalf of Naples, Florida man injured when his work van was negligently hit by another driver.

  • $95,000 settlement for man injured in rear end collision causing meniscus tear.

  • $75,000 recovery for tourist on vacation in United Kingdom who slipped and fell in Orlando hotel lobby injuring his leg. He had minimal medical bills because surgery took place in the UK.

More Recent Results.

  • $120,000 settlement for woman who slipped and fell on pool deck of cruise ship causing broken ankle.

  • $95,000 in UM benefits collected for man injured when hit by car as he walked across street.

  • $80,000 settlement for woman attacked by dog causing two broken teeth and scar on lip.

  • $75,000 settlement for Port St. Lucie man whose finger got crushed while working for a hurricane debris removal company.

  • $60,000 settlement with cruise line for non-surgical hairline fracture of one vertebrae after slip and fall of man on deck just after deck was cleaned with mop and solution.

More Recent Results.

  • $70,000 recovery from Cruise Line after male passenger slip and falls on melted ice cream tearing meniscus.

  • $70,000 settlement for non surgical neck injury due to rear end collision in Ocala, FL.

  • $55,000 settlement for Miami woman who was punched and brutally attacked by Denny’s waitress

  • $50,000 Settlement for man who fell and broke ankle due to dangerous condition of old boat dock at Key Largo resort and hotel

  • $50,000 settlement for postal worker’s injured neck after being hit by drunk driver in the middle of the day.