More Cruise Ship Trouble In Miami


The Miami Herald is reporting that the  “SuperFast” Ship from Miami to Bimini is not permitted by the US coast guard to set sail for the new island gaming paradise just off Miami until is passes safety inspections. The cruise ship is owned by Genting, that same company that was pushing to build at giant casino and resort at the old Miami Herald building site.  This red and white ship us Miami Beach residents have noticed parked along side of the other major cruise ships was originally scheduled to set sail last Friday.Apparently, the vessel and its operators failed tests in emergency situation drills.  Emergency sources of power and the mechanism that allows lifeboats to drop from the ship malfunctioned and there was an “overall lack of proficiency by the crew to respond to an emergency situation,”  according to a coast guard representative.Since this ship is docked in Miami and will carry passengers from American ports to the Bahamas, the company must adhere to many US coast Guard safety standards. As we all know from recent news stories, Carnival Cruise Lines has had a bad run of luck with safety and maintenance issues that led to not only ruined vacations, but tragic injuries and deaths.Many of these cruise ships from the major cruise lines like RCL, NCL, Princess, etc, are sailed under foreign flags to avoid US laws and tax implications.  It is imperative that lawmakers and citizens continue to push for greater safety legislation and rights for unsuspecting passengers who are injured these cruises and wind up having no recourse.  The Maritime laws are set up favorably for the cruise line corporations.  People do not realize that the laws that apply to injuries that occur on land can be much different than if it happens at sea or on the ship. The passenger’s cruise line ticket contains fine print that is actually a contract that limits the passenger’s rights against the cruise line in the event of a tragedy or injury.  This inequity is explained in the cruise ship injury section of this site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call attorney Alex Perkins who has extensive experience handling claims against the major cruise lines.