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There The Good News and Bad News from an Uber Accident Injury Lawyer are now significantly more Uber  affiliated vehicles than there are taxi cabs in the United States. That does not even factor in other ride share companies such as Lyft. With all of these additional cars on the road, its not hard to figure out why there are now so many more car accidents involving Uber drivers and passengers.  As a Miami Uber accident lawyer who handles car accident cases, we have seen an uptick in all manner of accidents, injuries and lawsuits associated with Uber drivers and their vehicles.

The good news is that Uber insures many of their drivers and vehicles. Thus, in a State like Florida, where there is no mandatory bodily injury insurance requirement (only  $10,000 PIP insurance is required by the state) and in particular in Miami-Dade County, where many drivers don’t have any insurance whatsoever or think they are covered when they only buy the PIP minimum, there is recourse if you are injured by a negligent Uber driver. In other words, your Uber car accident lawyer will have someone to to pursue to compensate you for all of the damages caused by the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Whether you are an Uber customer who was injured due to an accident caused by your own Uber driver,or were in your own car and hit by an Uber, there will likely be some form liability insurance to cover the loss. Even if you are an Uber driver and are injured while on a ride by another vehicle, there may also be insurance coverage for you as well. This is because the Uber insurance policy provides Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist coverage in addition to bodily injury coverage. This type of insurance is called UM insurance and protects you when you are injured by a driver who does not have bodily injury coverage or inadequate bodily injury coverage.

An Uber accident lawyer with Perkins Law Offices can help you recover money for your injury. We have helped Ubder passengers and drivers.

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