miami lakes personal injury lawyer

Were you injured in miami lakes and need a personal injury lawyer?

miami lakes personal injury lawyer
miami lakes personal injury lawyerIf you are in miami lakes and need a personal injury lawyer , You  should contact us when you get injured in an accident.
First and most importantly, let’s discuss what a personal injury case actually is.
A personal injury case is a legal action or claim based on an injury or death, to a person that was caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional bad act.
The Personal  Injury can be to the body or the mind or both, and includes all of the related financial damages, that flow from the negligent or intentional act or omission, that caused the accident, and ensuing injuries.
Medical bills from having to go to the hospital, or lost wages from being too injured to go back to work are such damages.
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But it is important to understand that just because you may have been hurt in some type of accident, it does not mean you are automatically entitled to sue someone for money, or that you can automatically can get paid without a fight.
The injury has to be the fault of some other person or entity. This is called liability or fault—as in whose fault caused the accident to happen.
For example, if you were driving a car and you negligently ran a red light, causing a car accident, resulting in breaking your own leg, then you do not have a personal injury claim, or lawsuit to bring against anyone else.
A personal injury lawyer, will have to be able to prove to the judge, and the jury, that the other person’s or company’s negligence or intentional act, caused the accident, and that they are therefore liable for the injuries and damages they caused.
The personal injury lawyer will have to show this through presenting evidence and witnesses.
Showing how the other party was was negligent in causing or intentionally caused the accident or harm to the injured person is not always easy to do.
This is why it is important to hire a an experienced personal injury lawyer to help guide you through the entire process.
Even when the fault for an accident seems obvious, the other side will not just admit to fault and pay, and even if they do, they will not pay you enough unless you have a personal injury lawyer.
Do you need a miami lakes personal injury lawyer?
Just because your miami lakes personal injury lawyer can prove liability against someone else for the accident, it does not mean you have a personal injury case.
In order get money for your personal injury claim, proving liability is only half the battle. After you prove fault, then your Miami Personal injury Lawyer will have to prove your damages.
Damages are the economic and non-economic way you were harmed by the at fault person or company. Let’s say that you were rear-ended by a drunk driver.
Just because you were in an accident that was caused by someone else, does not entitle you to collect money either.
You have to have a serious injury which caused you to incur financial loss and/or significant physical pain. Often its takes a Miami FL personal injury lawyer to help establish and explain exactly what those damages are and how they were caused by the accident.

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Examples of economic damages are medical bills, lost wages, property damage. Examples of pain and suffering are having to go through the pain of the injuries, surgery, physical therapy and treatment.
At Perkins Law Offices, our Miami FL personal injury lawyers know the elements of damages allowed by Florida law.
They include mental anguish, scarring and disfigurement, inconvenience and lost capacity of the enjoyment of life.
To be awarded money for these damages, takes proper and legally admissible testimony, and expert opinions. You can’t just walk into court, and say you have these problems and damages.
A Personal Injury Attorney, will have to work up the case, and present the damages through expert opinions, and medical and financial documents, that pass muster.
For more information on what a personal injury case is, and whether you have one, please call Perkins law offices, your Miami FL personal injury lawyer at 305-741-5297 or toll free at 855-741-5297 or email us