Miami Florida Trucking Accident Lawyers

Miami Florida Trucking Accident Lawyers

Florida’s state highway system is made up of close to 50,000 miles of interstates, turnpikes and roads. Cars and motorcycles must share these roads with trucks of all shapes, sizes, and configurations, putting motorists at risk for deadly truck accidents and other personal injuries. Our experienced Miami Florida trucking accident lawyers have seen personal injuries and wrongful deaths involving tractor trailer trucks for many types of reasons, such as the truck drivers inability to perceive other vehicles due to having more blind spots; long haul truckers being overtired and falling asleep at the wheel or speeding in order to keep a tight delivery schedule; trucks being overweight or having unsecured shifting cargo; trucks not being maintained properly or being out of service due to bald tires not at minimum tread depth or not having proper lighting or reflectors, etc; and truck drivers being impaired by alcohol or drugs or simply just not paying attention. The truck accident lawyers at the Miami Florida Perkins Law Offices know exactly what specialized issues to look for in Miami Florida trucking accident cases more so than the average Miami personal injury lawyer.

Perkins Law Offices’ Miami Florida trucking accident lawyers, used to defend lawsuits against trucking companies and the liability insurance companies that covered them in cases of serious personal injuries and death. Now our trucking accident personal injury lawyers are on the other side, helping families secure justice and compensation for theirMiami Florida personal injuries. Our personal injury trucking accident lawyers have been involved in personal injury cases cases worth millions of dollars throughout Florida over the past two decades. The firm’s trucking accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers are well versed in trucking equipment, how trucking logistical companies and fleets are operated, how the trucks themselves operate and the laws that govern the companies, the equipment and drivers. The Miami Florida trucking accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers must be familiar with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Statutes that govern commercial vehicles in interstate commerce, as well as state and local rules for commercial vehicles. There are all type of rules and regulations that a truck driver must follow in addition to the rules of the road that can lead to trucking accidents and serious personal injuries and death if not followed. Our Miami Florida trucking accident personal injury lawyers know that the failure of the truck drivers and their employers to maintain driver logs, GPS equipment, weight and size requirements, brake pad and tire tread depth, lighting and reflectors, driver hours, etc can lead to catastrophic personal injuries and death.

People who suffer serious injuries or death of a family member as a result of a trucking accident, often ask their personal injury or trucking accident attorney, how much their case is worth? When trucking companies are involved, the answer to that question can be millions and millions of dollars depending on how bad the personal injuries are, the amount of the medical bills and pain and suffering, the number of statutory survivors and the egregiousness of the the fault and bad conduct of the trucker driver and his employer truck company. Sometimes in Punitive damages are appropriate in Miami Florida personal injury and truck accident lawyer cases. Punitive damages are exemplary damages that may be awarded for grossly negligent or willful or wanton conduct by the defendant truck driver or trucking company. Miami’s Perkins Law Offices’ trucking accident and personal injury lawyers lawyers have been successful with Punitive damages arising out of Trucking accidents. If you or a loved one has been hurt, killed or personally injured in a trucking accident, do not hesitate to call Perkins Law Offices at 305-741-5297 or toll free at 855-741-5297 or email our trucking accident lawyers at [email protected] Consultations are always free.

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