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Perkins Law Offices is Miami’s water mitigation law firm. Perkins Law Offices is one of the few water mitigation lawyer firms in Miami representing water mitigation and remediation companies throughout Miami and Florida as a result of unpaid claims caused by water damage. Did the homeowners insurance company refuse to pay your water mitigation bill? Did the homeowners insurance company dispute your bill or short pay the the invoice? Did the insurance company not honor the assignment of benefits or direction to pay from the homeowner? When water mitigation and remediation companies are first on the scene and take the risk of cleaning up the water on an assignment of benefits from the homeowner they deserve to get paid if there is coverage. If there is coverage and the carrier does not pay, Perkins Law Offices is your Florida water mitigation lawyer. Often times Citizens Property Insurance Company Florida Peninsula, State Farm, Universal, American Strategic and other homeowners insurance companies deny coverage to the homeowner and the water mitigation company without a valid defense hoping the claim will go away. You need a Miami Water mitigation lawyer lawyer to represent your water mitigation company to make sure your invoice gets paid in full. Do not get short paid by the insurance company for all of your hard work. Hire a Miami water mitigation lawyer to get your water mitigation bill paid. Water mit companies need a Miami Water mitigation lawyer who will fight for them to collect the outstanding invoices that should have been paid by the carrier. If you are a water mitigation company and want advice about your assignment of benefits and directions to pay call Perkins Law Office’s Miami water mitigation lawyer Alex Perkins. Alex Perkins is your Florida water mitigation lawyer for a property damage caused by water intrusion. Perkins Law Offices” Miami water mitigation lawyers will represent you against insurance company throughout the state of Florida to get your valid invoice paid in full that was not paid or short paid . For more information call 305-741-5297 or email a Miami water mitigation lawyer [email protected]

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