E-cigarette battery explosion injury lawyer

Perkins Law Offices settles e-cigarette battery explosion case against the distributor and retailer of the battery for nearly 7 figures.
 Our client suffered severe burns to his thigh, genitals, and hand after his e-cigarette’s lithium ion battery exploded and caught fire in his front pants pocket. Attorney Alex Perkins investigated the claim and made startling discoveries about the hidden dangers and defects with lithium ion battery’s that power e-cigarettes and vapor pens. In our case, our client had his spare battery in his pocket, charged and ready to be used. He had bought the e-cigarette mod and extra batteries from his local vapor shop. He was never told that the battery was dangerous and could possibly short or heat up and explode while not in use. The were no warnings on the battery or its packaging. In fact, the lithium ion battery was sold to him out of the package and charged. The lithium battery was just handed to him by the clerk. Our investigation revealed the lithium battery package did not have an type of warnings on it anyway.


Our client was at the park with his two children when the e-cigarette battery explosion happened. All of the sudden there was a hissing sound and explosion. Fire was shooting in all directions from his body. He tried to pat out the fire in his pants causing burns to his hands. Bystanders had to throw him to the ground to help him rip his clothes off and put down the flames. The fire from the e-cigarette battery explosion was so hot, that his underwear singed together with his jean shorts. His kids witnessed the entire even and were traumatized with him. Imagine if this happens while he was driving with his children on the highway. This would have been a wrongful death case most likely.


 Many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of exploding vape pens and e-cigarette batteries do not warn consumers about the hidden dangers of explosions and fires. No one expects this to happen to them when using an e-cig or vape pen, thinking it is a safer alternative to smoking. However the vapor industry knows about these incidents and tries to keep them quiet. They do not want to warn the public that the they sell cheap lithium ion batteries to power e-cigarettes that can explode and catch fire, causing damage to people and property.


Most of the dangerous lithium ion batteries that cause injury are made in China.  Many distributors have deals with manufacturers to buy in bulk and want them for as cheap as possible to maintain profit margins. These batteries and e-cigarettes are not governed by the FDA, thus no agency regulates their production and sale. You do not know what you are getting. A common issue is thermal runaway. This is when the battery can short when it comes in contact with another metal object. It begins to heat up quickly and pressure puncture the outer coating resulting explosion, fire and inevitably injury to the user. Statistics show the most common time the lithium ion battery explodes is in the pants pocket when it comes in contact with metal or while being vaped in the users mouth. The latter causing dental and face injuries, often severe and disfiguring.


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