Miami Bridge Collapse Lawyer #FIUBridge

Today, as this article is written, several families are just learning the unbearable news that they have lost a loved one from the bridge collapse at FIU. It goes without saying that this is yet another needless tragedy that could have been avoided. As the families grieve, they will also want answers. Most will want justice to be served by taking legal action to hold those at fault accountable for their actions as this type of collapse does not happen without negligence. Experienced civil trial lawyers will be the vehicle through which this wrong will be righted. No, lawsuits will not bring a loved one back to life, or reverse the life long injuries and damage this bridge collapse caused, but someone will be made to pay. Financial settlements and verdicts, while never restoring what was lost as no amount of money can ever replace a life, are the only way the at fault party can compensate a victim and their family in our legal system. The money will not just be handed over either. The at fault companies and entities involved hear will want to reduce and fight their exposure to a big verdict or settlement. They will try to tie up and delay the litigation and will want to point the finger elsewhere, anything not to pay.

Negligent Construction of roads, bridges, and buildings can lead to accelerated deterioration, collapse, and other failures causing serious injury and death. We often think of our aging infrastructure as the most vulnerable to catastrophic engineering failures. But we see today and in the past few year in Miami during the construction boom, a string of major structural collapses leading to gruesome fatalities of innocent bystanders and construction workers involved with the building. Some negligent causes have been attributed to cost saving cuts, defective materials, and sometimes just carelessness of architects, engineers, and construction workers. The accidents tend to happen on major projects like cement parking garages, overpasses, skyscrapers, and roadway projects. Several factors can occur with sub contractors, suppliers, material men, and executives to create a perfect storm of danger on these projects.Lawsuits for such injuries will be the end result of these tragedies. Attorney Alexander Perkins, a Miami personal and wrongful death lawyer has handled catastrophic injury and death cases from faulty construction against construction companies, government entities and owners of land achieving justice for his clients including a 10.5 million dollar recovery in a highway construction defect case. If you have been seriously injured due to a construction site or work zone accident, we can help.  Email us at or call at 305-741-LAWS (5297) or 855-741-LAWS, for a free and confidential consultation  from our skilled lawyers at Perkins Law Offices.