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Miami Bridge Collapse #FIUBridge

Today, as this article is written, several families are just learning the unbearable news that they have lost a loved one from the bridge collapse at FIU. It goes without saying that this is yet another needless tragedy that could have been avoided. As the families grieve, they will also want answers. Most will want justice to be served by taking legal action to hold those at fault accountable for their actions as this type of collapse does not happen without negligence. Experienced civil trial lawyers will be the vehicle through which this wrong will be righted. No, lawsuits will not bring a loved one back to life, or reverse the life long injuries and damage this bridge collapse caused, but someone will be made to pay. Financial settlements and verdicts, while never restoring what was lost as no amount of money can ever replace a life, are the only way the at fault party can compensate a victim and their family in our legal system. The money will not just be handed over either. The at fault companies and entities involved hear will want to reduce and fight their exposure to a big verdict or settlement. They will try to tie up and delay the litigation and will want to point the finger elsewhere, anything not to pay.

Negligent Construction of roads, bridges, and buildings can lead to accelerated deterioration, collapse, and other failures causing serious injury and death. We often think of our aging infrastructure as the most vulnerable to catastrophic engineering failures. But we see today and in the past few year in Miami during the construction boom, a string of major structural collapses leading to gruesome fatalities of innocent bystanders and construction workers involved with the building. Some negligent causes have been attributed to cost saving cuts, defective materials, and sometimes just carelessness of architects, engineers, and construction workers. The accidents tend to happen on major projects like cement parking garages, overpasses, skyscrapers, and roadway projects. Several factors can occur with sub contractors, suppliers, material men, and executives to create a perfect storm of danger on these projects.Lawsuits for such injuries will be the end result of these tragedies. Attorney Alexander Perkins, a Miami personal and wrongful death lawyer has handled catastrophic injury and death cases from faulty construction against construction companies, government entities and owners of land achieving justice for his clients including a 10.5 million dollar recovery in a highway construction defect case. If you have been seriously injured due to a construction site or work zone accident, we can help.  Email us at [email protected] or call at 305-741-LAWS (5297) or 855-741-LAWS, for a free and confidential consultation  from our skilled lawyers at Perkins Law Offices.

Uber Lawsuit

The Good News and Bad News from an Uber Accident Injury Lawyer


Unlike most auto insurance policies in place in Florida, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft provide up to $1 million in liability coverage while a driver is on a trip with a passenger or en route to a passenger. This is actually great news if someone is seriously injured in an Uber accident because, as any Miami personal injury lawyer will tell you, most drivers in Florida are driving around with little or no liability insurance at all. People think they are fully covered when the buy the minimum policy in Florida, which only requires $10,000 in PIP insurance.

Even better news is that the Uber and Lyft insurance policies include coverage for both BI (Bodily Injury) and UM (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist). This means the rideshare company’s insurance will cover an injured Uber passenger for up to $1 million if the accident is caused by the negligence over their own Uber driver or if the accident is caused by a driver of another vehicle who does not have enough insurance to cover the damages. In other words, UM coverage from the rideshare company will stand in the shoes of the negligent party and will provide insurance coverage as if that underinsured party had insurance. This UM coverage will also cover the Uber driver if he or she is hurt by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Below is a illustrated chart from Uber explaining what is covered.



Uber does not perform adequate criminal and driving background checks?

Often Uber customers are lulled into a false sense of security when taking an Uber or sending a loved one in an Uber because they think, ‚ÄúWhat could happen, all drivers identities are logged into the APP and GPS map is tracking the ride?‚ÄĚ Think again!

An Uber driver can be just about anyone off the street, including thieves, rapists and murderers. Unfortunately, almost anyone is qualified to be an Uber driver. You do not even need to own a car. Yep, that’s right, Uber leases cars to driver’s too. There is no special driver’s license endorsement required, nor does Uber perform adequate criminal history background checks.

Uber only performs a minimal criminal background search looking for felony convictions. This check goes back 7 years and only looks at felony convictions. That’s it, nothing else. This means if your driver was convicted more than 7 years ago, it won’t show up on their background check and they can be your driver. It also means your driver could have been arrested 12 times in the past 2 years for drug dealing, car jacking, robbery, assault, etc, but if there has been no conviction, that apparently does not disqualify the driver. The takeaway here isРdo not take food or drinks from your Uber driver and always be vigilant.

We have a client who was drugged and robbed when he accepted water from his Uber driver on his ride home from the airport. When they arrived to his home, the Uber driver, a female, asked to be let in to use the bathroom. My client obliged and the Uber driver then pushed the dazed and confused passenger into his home and proceeded to burglarize it as he lay passed out.

My client did not remember what had happened to him when he woke up late the next day until he checked his security cameras. Thankfully the cameras captured part of the burglary. However, he does not know if he was sexually assaulted in the home during the incident, and he is fearful the Uber driver or her cohorts might come back and do more harm because the driver stole his personal information and even his handgun.

In our case the Uber driver was a convicted felon for cocaine distribution 12 years prior and had recent arrests for grand theft and possession of drugs in 2012. The Uber driver also had her license suspended in 2014. Yet that did not stop Uber from not only hiring her as a driver, but also leasing her a vehicle through its leasing program!

Adding insult to injury, Uber’s lawyers want to silence me and my client from ever publicly mentioning this incident. Before Uber will agree to mediate the case, Uber is demanding for us to sign an onerous confidentiality agreement that says we cannot talk about the case or incident in the public domain, like social media. We will see if they relent or if we just have to litigate.


-Our Miami Uber accident injury lawyers will explain everything. Case reviews and consultations are always free and there are no attorney fees if our Uber accident injury lawyers do not make a recovery for you.

-Whether you are an Uber passenger who was injured due to an accident caused by your own Uber driver, or were in your own car and hit by an Uber, or if you are an Uber driver and were injured while on a ride by another vehicle, there will likely be more insurance coverage than usual in order to make a claim.

Here are a few tips from a Miami Uber accident injury lawyer about what you need to know maximize your claim if you have a personal injury from an Uber accident.

  • Get medical help. Before worrying about claims and lawsuits, if you are seriously hurt, call 911 or go to the hospital, urgent care, or your doctor. If you need a referral to a doctor, our personal injury lawyers at Perkins Law Offices can assist you with finding one.
  • If you are an Uber passenger or driver, take screen shots and save all emails and data from the trip. Take photos of damaged vehicles, the scene, and any visible injuries. Get all drivers and witness names and contact info. Do not depend on the police report or the app.
  • Do not sign any documents or make any recorded statements to Uber about the accident and injuries. Often times Uber or Lyft may offer a small amount of money or try to get you to sign a release. Do not do it! Only Uber driver‚Äôs have a duty to cooperate with Uber if they want to be covered by their insurance, but injured passengers and occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians do not.
  • Call the Uber accident injury lawyers at Perkins Law Offices 855-741-5297

You cannot go it alone. You need an experienced Miami Uber accident injury lawyer to guide you through the process and get the best result. Perkins Law Offices‚Äô Uber accident lawyers will get you the money you deserve. Call 855-741-5297 or email [email protected] for free case review with a Miami Uber accident injury lawyer.

nursing home death - florida

Perkins Law Offices Represents Survivor of ‚ÄúHouse of Horrors‚ÄĚ in Suit Against Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills

Firm puts the Center, Larkin Community Hospital and other affiliated entities, on formal notice that a lawsuit has been filed against them.

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 10, 2017 / —¬†Perkins Law Offices¬†today announced its representation of Marie Simboli, an 81-year-old former resident of the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, a nursing home hired to care for approximately 150 elderly patients, 10 of which died under extreme heat conditions following power outages from Hurricane Irma.¬†

Though Simboli managed to survive the stifling heat, she had complained that the heat was killing her. Attorney Alexander Perkins of Perkins Law Offices met her for the first time while she recovered in another facility. 

There, she told him: ‚ÄúI complained that the heat was killing me. It was very hot, very hot and uncomfortable‚ĶI can‚Äôt believe they let people die there.”

As the facts and timeline of events become more clear, the descriptions and complaints made by many of the surviving patients and their family members refute both the nursing home’s and Florida Power & Light Company’s claims. 

Perkins Law Offices has put the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, LLC, as well as Larkin Community Hospital and other affiliated entities, on formal notice under Florida Statute Chapter 400 that a lawsuit has been filed against them (Case Number CACE17018178). Initial admission paperwork from the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills obtained by Perkins Law Offices states the facility is owned by Larkin Community Hospital.

‚ÄúThe Rehabilitation Center was nothing short of grossly negligent,‚ÄĚ said Perkins. ‚ÄúTheir conduct is indefensible, but they will still try to avoid the consequences. We will not let that happen and intend to take action against all of those responsible.‚Ä̬†

Perkins Law Offices has a successful track record of representing elderly clients who have been victims of personal injury, wrongful death, civil theft and fraud.

For more information, call Perkins Law Offices at 855-741-5297, email [email protected] or visit


DBR Announces Attorney Alex Perkins as Finalist for Most Effective Lawyers Honors

The Daily Business Review has selected finalists for its 11th annual Most Effective Lawyers recognition.

Honorees will be recognized at a Dec. 4 luncheon at the JW Marriott Miami at 1109 Brickell Ave.

The finalists listed by category are:

‚ÄĘ Appellate: Philip Burlington, Nicole Segal and Crane Johnstone; Frances Guasch De La Guardia and Lee Teichner; and Benedict P. Kuehne, Michael T. Davis, Kent Harrison Robbins, Ralf R. Rodriguez, Edward R. Shohat, David P. Reiner II, Monica Tirado and Chelsea Silvia;¬†

‚ÄĘ Class action: Marcy Aldrich; Carol Lumpkin; and Stuart Singer, Eli Glasser, Carlos Sires, Sashi Bach, David Nelson and Will Snyder

‚ÄĘ Complex/business litigation: Linda Worton Jackson and Luis Salazar; Alan Kluger, Philippe Lieberman and Richard Segal; and Michael Rune II

‚ÄĘ Criminal law: Aimee Ferrer and Alex Arteaga-Gomez; David O. Markus; and Matthew Menchel.

‚ÄĘ Government Relations: Albert Dotson, Jon Chassen and Wendy Francois; and Carlos Loumiet.

‚ÄĘ Intellectual property: Jeremy Elman; Matthew Nelles; and Steven Peretz and Michael Chesal.

‚ÄĘ Medical malpractice: Jay Cohen, Craig Downs, William Rieder and David Brill; Aldo Leiva and Steven Lubell; and Stuart Ratzan, Stuart Weissman and Kimberly Boldt

‚ÄĘ Personal Injury: Philip Freidin and Christopher Marlowe

‚ÄĘ Products Liability: William Geraghty; and Scott Sarason and Armando Hernandez

‚ÄĘ Pro Bono: Jason Lazarus and Alison Brown; Stuart Singer and Carl Goldfarb; and Whitney Untiedt

‚ÄĘ Public Interest: Albert Dotson, A. Vicky Garcia-Toledo and Eric Singer; John Herin Jr. and Jeffrey Kuntz; and Thomas Julin

‚ÄĘ Real Estate: John Camp and David Luck; Alexander Perkins; and Paul Shelowitz.

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Avvo bestows Miami Attorney Alex Perkins the Clients’ Choice award

On September 10, 2015, Avvo honored Miami personal injury attorney, Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices, with the Clients’ Choice Award.¬†¬†is an online legal services marketplace and¬†lawyer directory which provides Avvo-rated profiles, client reviews, and peer endorsements for 97 percent of all lawyers in the United States. Attorney Alex Perkins received this award because of his hard-work, dedication and the hands-on personal attention he gives his ¬†client’s. Mr. Perkins’ clients ¬†took the time to write in to Avvo to tell the them of their positive experiences with the handling of their personal injury, car accident, cruise ship injury and slip and fall cases. Attorney Alex Perkins is rated on Avvo as superb, with a 10 out of 10 rating.

Perkins Law Offices is a full service personal injury firm located in Miami, FL. Consultations are always free and there is no fee if there is no recovery. Mr. Perkins regularly handles all types of personal cases in Miami, Key West, Marathon, Islamorada, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Orlando, Miami Beach and throughout Florida. If you have been in a car accident or sustained an injury caused by negligence,  call a Miami car accident attorney at Perkins Law Offices at 305-741-5297 or visit us at 2020 Ponce de Leon blvd. Suite 1101, Coral Gables, Fl 33133 online at


Another Segway Crash

Earlier today, after winning his fourth 200-meter title and his 10th overall gold medal at the world championships, Olympic legend Usain Bolt was taken out by a cameraman on a runaway Segway. While Bolt walked away unscathed, victims of runaway Segways aren’t always as lucky. With their increased popularity, Segway personal injuries are becoming more and more common on our streets and sidewalks.  In popular tourist areas like South Beach and the Florida Keys, it’s not uncommon to see visitors enjoying the beautiful scenery atop a Segway. Unfortunately, few of those users are properly trained in operating them and are not aware of the danger involved to themselves and people nearby.  Segways are dangerous by their very nature: they’re heavy machines requiring careful balance and coordination to ride. They can also be difficult to control for first time users. Add to that careless rental companies neglecting to properly instruct customers on the proper operation and potential dangers, and you have the recipe for disaster. This is where a Florida personal injury lawyer may help a victim of a Segway accident when serious injuries are occur due to a Segway rider and rental store negligence. 

Most people that rent Segways are not only unfamilliar with how to safely operate them, they are unfamilar with the streets, sidewalks and traffic patterns. They pose a hazard to themselves and any pedestrians and vehicles they may encounter. Whether it’s the result of an inattentive rider, like the cameraman focusing on Bolt instead of the track before him, or the result of an inexperienced driver, Segways continue to cause accidents all over the world at an alaraming rate. The accidents, where a Segway operator fails to properly keep control of the Segway, goes to fast for conditions, fails to properly judge distances between themselves and pedestrians or is just goofing around, are based in negligence.  When the negligence causes a serious injury to someone else, they may have a case against the Segway operator or the store that rented it to the operator.  Many cities are adopting legislation to ban Segways from certain busy ssidewalk and streets due to the rise in reported injuries. For example in Miami Beach, Florida, the city has instituted new restrictions on where Segways may be ridden. After numerous complaints of careless and negligent Segway drivers causing accidents and disturbances, Segways are no longer permitted on Ocean Drive sidewalks and many other sidewalks throughout South Beach. Segway rental companies are now also required to carry insurance or face fines.  Insurance coverage for rental companies may help when a person is injured by the negligence of a Segway operator and has medical  bills, lost income and pain and suffering,  so that there may be insurance dollars to pursue. However, it is unclear if the law in Florida, as currently written, will necessarily allow for these rental outfits to be held legally liable for the Segway operator. This is because a Segway is not currently considered a motor vehicle in Florida under its financial responsibility laws and Dangerous Instrumentality doctrine that allow for vicarious liability of the owner of a motor vehicle. Even if the financial  responsibility laws are not expanded, arguments can be made under theories of negligent entrustment, negligent training, negligent supervision and that Segways are inherently dangerous.

Earlier this year,  Miami personal injury lawyer Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices, P.A. successfully represented an elderly Miami Beach resident who was severely injured after being hit by an inattentive Segway driver.  The crashin Miami Beach happened very much like what you see in the Bolt video. The Segway driver failed to pay attention ahead of him causing the wheels of the Segway to hit an obstacle and for the Segway to careen into the elderly client who was walking on the sideway. Mr. Perkins obtained judgment for $794,680 after a four-day jury trial, helping his client obtain the money she needed for her costly medical care and for the the past pain and suffering she endured due to the Segway driver’s negligence in colliding into her from behind.

¬†If you have been injured by a runaway Segway and weren‚Äôt as lucky as Bolt, the Miami personal injury attorneys at Perkins Law Offices, P.A. can help you obtain compensation for injury-related medical costs, pain, and suffering. Call the Perkins Law Offices at (305) 571-5297 or email¬†[email protected].


Perkins Law Offices Successfully Handles Litigation For $16 Million Miami Design District Real Estate Deal

 Perkins Law Offices is a full service law firm that offers its clients experience with Real Estate litigation matters and the brokering and negotiating of deals. The firm will handle Real Estate cases such as contract disputes, commercial leasing matters, property damage, homeowner and policyholder insurance claims and can guide its clientele through Real Estate transactions and disputes. Most recently, Perkins Law Offices successfully defended a commercial property dispute involving highly sought after parcels of land in the Design District owned by his client. After obtaining a dismissal with prejudice of the case in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Perkins Law Offices negotiated terms for the sale of the property for $16 Million Dollars.

To discuss any potential Real Estate related inquiries you may have contact us at 305-741-5297 or [email protected]


From Lawsuit to $16 Million Property Deal: Perkins Law Offices negotiates lucrative sale of last two parcels of land in highly sought after Design District block with New York-based Thor Equities, despite legal roadblocks along the way.

Perkins Law Offices today announced the successful completion of a legal battle for the control and sale of a group of adjoining properties in Miami’s booming Design District. It began with the appointment of Perkins Law Offices to defend the estate of James H. Michael, a 92 year-old man who had owned the properties in the Design District since the 1950’s. Attorney Alexander J. Perkins, Esq. and founder of Perkins Law Offices, fought aggressively on behalf of the estate and its survivors to combat attacks from a former tenant claiming option rights on the properties for a fraction of their value. Alex Perkins was able to successfully get the fiercely contested case dismissed with prejudice in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and thereafter represented the family’s estate in selling the properties to New York-based real estate heavyweight investment firm, Thor Equities, for 16 million dollars.

‚ÄúI am thrilled that we were able to secure a deal for the heirs that is just and worthy of their family patriarch‚Äôs long term vision and investment,‚ÄĚ said Perkins. ‚ÄúNot only are they now rid of the former tenant‚Äôs repeated attempts to take advantage of Mr. Michael and his heirs, but we were able to negotiate a deal that will allow Mr. Michael‚Äôs last wishes to be realized for his family so that he may rest in peace.‚ÄĚ

The adjacent properties, 56 Northeast 40th Street and 55 Northeast 39th Street, form 9,700 square feet of land and include frontage space on both 39th and 40th streets. Thor Equities had its sights set on purchasing the land as they assembled several neighboring lots for a  luxury retail and mixed use project. Attorney Alex Perkins negotiated the terms with Thor who bested other bidders.

For more information on the results of this case or to learn more about Perkins Law Offices visit

About Perkins Law Offices

Perkins Law Offices is a Coral Gables-based law firm helmed by skilled litigator Alexander J. Perkins, Esq. For more than a decade, Mr. Perkins has handled complex civil litigation involving a wide variety of high dollar value cases. Perkins is recognized as one of the Legal Elite attorneys in the State of Florida and is listed in the numerous editions of Super Lawyers, Legal Trend Magazine, and the South Florida Legal Guide.  He enjoys a 10 out of 10 rating on AVVO and is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  He also proudly serves as the Immediate Past President of the Miami Beach Bar Association.  Perkins Law Offices has represented clients from all over the United States and internationally. For more information on Mr. Perkins and Perkins Law Offices visit


Chief Judge Soto and Admin. Judge Bailey Speak About Dire Need For New Courthouse on September 16th

At the Miami Beach Bar Association monthly luncheon held on September 16th 2014, at the Miami BeachGolf Course, Chief Judge Bertila Soto and Administrative Judge Jennifer Bailey kicked off their campaign to gain support for funding a much needed, new Miami Dade County Central Courthouse Downtown. It will be on the ballot November 4. Vote Yes!

Chief Judge Soto and Admin. Judge Bailey Speak About Dire Need For New Courthouse on September 16th

Miami Beach Bar President Alex Perkins welcomed the Judges to inform the membership of the downright dangerous and embarrassing condition of the historic building on Flagler Street. While we all knew the building was old and in poor condition, and that the court rooms set ups were less than ideal with obstructed views to the judge and jury due to support column placement, the talk went into great detail of the hidden dangers and problems of this sick building that are not in pubic view.  The courthouse has mold and flooding problems. Employees and visitors alike are place in danger by the deteriorating building facade which is made of terra-cotta. Many of the upper floors are closed due to rain intrusion and the building is sinking and flooded in the basement as it was built below the waterline.   Exposed wires and lack of access for disabled people are but a few of the problems. There are over a million visitors a year that pass through theChief Judge Soto and Admin. Judge Bailey Speak About Dire Need For New Courthouse on September 16th courthouse and there is not enough space for jury panels much less the number of cases and trials handled there.  The Probate Court has already been displaced to an unsecured Overtown building where sensitive hearings are held in the open and the files are exposed.

The County is responsible for funding but does not have the means without raising taxes. Therefore on November 4 the ballot will include a vote on the bond issue. This is the beginning of the grass roots effort to to raise awareness and money through public an private funding. For more information you can visit or contact Perkins Law Offices and we will point you in the right direction.


Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

July 14, 2014. Always consult a Miami Personal Injury lawyer before giving a recorded statement to an insurance company or before signing any documents they may request! Just this past month Perkins Law Offices encountered two different insurance companies that attempted to either trick clients into saying things during a recorded statement that might have destroyed insurance coverage and to sign documents that would have waived their right to bring a lawsuit.

Miami Personal Injury lawyer Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices recovered the full $100,000 policy limits from Citizens Property Insurance on behalf of a client who fell off a ladder while trimming trees resulting in a severely broken wrist. Initially Citizens conducted their investigation with a bias against wanting to provide coverage to the homeowner. They looked looked for all kinds of reasons to deny coverage to the Homeowner despite them having paid premiums in the event of a an injury occurring on their property.

Similarly an injured client of Perkins Law Offices, was offered three thousand dollars by the insurance company for the other driver who caused the accident. Supposedly the money was being offered for the property damage to our client’s car. However it was a trick. The paperwork the insurance company wanted our client to sign would have released the insurance company from any and all claims including personal injury claims. Our client wisely called Perkins Law Offices and spoke to a Miami Personal Injury before signing the release or giving a statement to the insurance company about his injuries. Luckily for this client, it was not too late.

Remember, Insurance companies are in business to make huge profits, not help to help people and pay out claims. The insurance companies and their adjusters do not work for you, they are working against you in most cases. They are not your friend, even if they work for your own insurance company. This is true for all kinds of insurance policies whether a Homeowner Policy or an Automobile Policy.

Anyone who is injured or has a friend or family member who is injured should talk to a lawyer before making statements or signing documents at the request of an insurance company. Perkins Law Offices is where to find your Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.

Perkins Law Offices Instrumental in New Miami Beach Segway Law

Perkins Law Offices Instrumental in new Miami Beach Segway Law

Miami Beach recently expanded laws to restrict access of Segway riders and tours ¬†from several sidewalks, paths and parks in Miami Beach amid numerous reports of injures and complaints. Perkins Law Offices was instrumental in bringing this major safety concern and nuisance to the forefront ¬†after the Miami personally injury firm began getting repeated calls about serious injuries resulting from inexperienced riders crashing into pedestrians. In particular attorney Alex Perkins has been involved in a lawsuit on behalf of a 90 year old woman who was run down from behind by a negligent Segway rider from Italy as she waled on the sidewalk of Ocean Drive in the South of Fifth neighborhood. The woman’s leg was nearly severed from her body and she almost died when the Segway wheel base collided into her as the inexperienced driver lost control of the Segway when trying to pass by her. While she has made a remarkable recovery after 4 months in the hospital she will never walk unassisted again.

Miami Beach Attorney Alex Perkins was one of the first people to bring this  safety hazard to the attention of the Miami Beach City Commission and to further expand the law that was initially sponsored by Commissioner Wolfson.  Mr. Perkins prompted the newly elected slate of Miami Beach Politicians to further limit where  Segways can ridden on Miami Beach  and to enforce the laws currently on the books including penalties for rental business that do not comply with insurance regulations. Attorney Alex Perkins spoke before the city to help explain the Segway dangers and the lack of recourse for most injured pedestrians.  Perkins Law Offices is committed to furthering the Segway safety laws on Miami Beach

Perkins Law Offices - Personal Injury Attorney Miami

Attorney Alex Perkins Installed as President of Miami Beach Bar Association

Attorney Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices installed as President of Miami Beach Bar Association.

The Miami Beach Bar Association held it’s annual officers and directors installation ¬†luncheon on December 12, 2013 at the Hilton Bentley South Beach. The sold out event was a hit.


Local government officials and prominent lawyers from throughout Miami-Dade County to listen to Key Note speaker Jeff Lindsay, the New York Times best selling author of the “Dexter” series of books. And he did not disappoint.


The audience, that included the likes of Miami-Dade Public Defender Carlos Martinez, City of Miami Beach Attorney Jose Smith, Florida House Representative David Richardson, Criminal defense attorney Jose Baez, Ticket Titan Stephen Lustig and a plethora of Miami Beach City Commissioners and Judges, listened intently as Mr. Lindsay posed legal and moral questions about the fictional character’s serial murder of serial killers.


In addition to Mr. Lindsay’s keynote speech, MBBA Board Member Daniel Weiss and UNIDAD Director awarded MBBA past president Pedro Cofino with an award for his tireless efforts in helping the Miami Beach community with the Pro Bono clinic in North Beach.


Attorney Alex Perkins was the master of ceremonies for the event. Mr Perkins thanked the many corporate sponsors that helped make this year’s Installation the most successful in terms of money raised and attendance.

Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer - Perkins Law Offices, Miami, FL

Westlaw publishes Perkins’ Court Orders Against Cruise Lines

Recently, Miami Personal Injury Attorney Alex Perkins successfully completed a lawsuit against Norwegian Cruise Lines. The settlement for his severely injured client was achieved by Attorney Perkins’ aggressive discovery strategy, which culminated into two Federal Court orders that required the cruise line to produce documents, images and information that they were refusing to hand over. After hearing argument from Mr. Perkins against the cruise line’s lawyers and upon several motions to the court, the Federal Court judge issued these two orders.

Matza v NCL 2.22.13Order

Matza v NCL 2.27.13Order

They are significant discovery orders that will assist plaintiffs in the future obtain the requisite evidence that only the cruise lines possess and do not want to share.



Miami Personal Injury Lawyer - Perkins Law Offices

Bad Start To Labor Day Miami Car Accident on I-95 South

A two-car crash on southbound I-95 in Miami on Sunday, injured four young  people,  two of which are in critical condition.  The male 21 year old driver and an  18 year old passenger were ejected from a Nissan. Two women in the back of the Nissan were also seriously injured. The accident snarled traffic for hours.  All southbound lanes on the highway had to be shut down as scores of Labor Day Weekend motorists were detoured.

Details of this terrible accident are limited at this time. ¬†But one thing is almost certain; that there will not be enough insurance coverage available in this Miami car accident to cover all of the injuries and damages to injured passengers under the driver’s policies. ¬†Hopefully the passengers or their family members in their households carry uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. UM insurance protects you and your family members when they are injured in an accident caused by someone else who has no insurance or not enough insurance. This type of insurance must be purchased when you apply for insurance. Unfortunately many people reject this coverage when it is offered as Florida law only requires it to be offered but not bought.

Perkins Law Offices  specializes in car accidents and UM coverage disputes.  We wish those injured  a speedy recovery.



More Cruise Ship Trouble In Miami


The Miami Herald is reporting that the ¬†“SuperFast” Ship from Miami to Bimini is not permitted by the US coast guard to set sail for the new island gaming paradise just off Miami until is passes safety inspections. The¬†cruise¬†ship¬†is owned by Genting, that same company that was pushing to build at giant casino and resort at the old Miami Herald building site. ¬†This red and white ship us Miami Beach residents have noticed parked along side of the other major cruise ships was originally scheduled to set sail last Friday.Apparently, the vessel and its operators failed tests in emergency situation drills. ¬†Emergency sources of power and the mechanism that allows lifeboats to drop from the ship malfunctioned and there was an ‚Äúoverall lack of proficiency by the crew to respond to an emergency situation,‚ÄĚ ¬†according to a coast guard representative.Since this ship is docked in Miami and will carry passengers from American ports to the Bahamas, the company must adhere to many US coast Guard safety standards. As we all know from recent news stories, Carnival Cruise Lines has had a bad run of luck with safety and maintenance issues that led to not only ruined vacations, but tragic injuries and deaths.Many of these¬†cruise¬†ships¬†from the major¬†cruise¬†lines¬†like RCL, NCL, Princess, etc, are sailed under foreign flags to avoid US laws and tax implications. ¬†It is imperative that lawmakers and citizens continue to push for greater safety legislation and rights for unsuspecting¬†passengers who are injured¬†these cruises and wind up having no recourse. ¬†The¬†Maritime¬†laws are set up favorably for the cruise line corporations. ¬†People do not realize that the laws that apply to injuries that occur on land can be much different than if it happens at sea or on the ship. The passenger’s cruise line¬†ticket¬†contains¬†fine¬†print¬†that¬†is¬†actually¬†a¬†contract¬†that limits the¬†passenger’s rights against the¬†cruise line in the event of a tragedy or injury.¬†¬†This inequity is explained in the¬†cruise¬†ship¬†injury¬†section of this site. ¬†If you have any questions, please feel free to call attorney Alex Perkins who has extensive experience handling claims against the major¬†cruise lines.

Another Deadly Car Accident In Miami And Probably Not Enough Insurance



The Miami Herald has reported another car accident tragedy. One person was killed and two more were injured Friday when a pickup truck collided with a car in a North Miami neighborhood. Police have indicated that one of the drivers sped through a stop sign at the intersection of Northeast 142nd Street and Northeast 10th Avenue. The car, a Buick, caught fire moments after the crash killing the passenger inside the car.

We do not know all the facts yet, but 9 times out of 10, in¬†car accident cases¬†like these in Miami, where someone dies and there are multiple injuries, there is not enough automobile insurance to cover the losses. We have a serious problem in Miami where people drive around without any insurance whatsover or the absolute bare minimum. The irony is hat these people think they are “fully covered”. That could not be farther from the truth.

In Florida the minimum amount of insurance required is only $10,000 in PIP limits. ¬†This won’t even cover a couple days in a hospital, much less costs of suregries, ongoing treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering. ¬†Most people do not realize that if they injure or kill someone in a¬†car accident, that once the insurance company pays their bodily injury (BI) policy limit amounts, they can be held personally liable for the rest of the damages they caused. ¬†Meaning their personal assetts and money are exposed once the insurance company pays. ¬†They also do not realize that their own insurance does not even protect them for their own injuries over their PIP amount unless they pay extra for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM). ¬†This type of coverage is often rejected when the policy is applied for to keep prices down because the law does not require drivers to have it.

There is no doubt that the passenger who was killed had no fault in causing the accident.  Unless the at-fault driver who ran the stop sign has a lot of insurance or is independently wealthy like Lebron James or Dan Marino, there will not be enough money to compensate the innocent victim. Therefore, a good attorney will have to look for other avenues of recovery.  The Miami personal injury attorney the family hires should investigate if the fire was caused by a defect in the Buick, such as a poorly designed gas tank leading to a fuel fed fire. Perhaps an airbag failed to deploy.  The black boxes should be preserved and downloaded to determine other relevant factors such as speed and braking time.

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Update on Shuckers Deck Collapse



In the weeks after the outside patio collapse where 24 were hurt, three critically at the popular Miami eatery, building officials have not publicly determined what caused the deck to collapse.

Apparently city building officials say the city had not recently inspected the deck. Reports show in January 2012, the property owner hired an independent engineer to conduct a 40-year recertification examinination of the structure,  which of course, was deemed safe.  Also, in 2010 the owner was issued a Construction Permit to rebuild the deck. Hoever that permit expired earlier this year without the work being done.

Two big questions remain, why was there a catastrophic failure and who is responsible for it? Apparently people have noticed exposed corroded steel. It was an old deck, so why did the owners and building professionals involved determine it was safe for continued use. There is likely a reason why the building permit was applied for in 2010.  If it is shown that the owners knew it was unsafe, and purposely allowed it to stay open for business, punitive damages may be in order.  It is unclear how many people was this deck designed to hold in the first place and whether the restaurant was enforcing the max capacity requirements.  This could likely be  a situation where the property owner, who in Florida has a non-delegable duty, could be held financially responsible for the injuries.  The engineering company who approved the re-certification is also another target defendant.

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BREAKING: Deck collapses at Shuckers Restaurant during Miami Heat game


June 15, 2013

A deck behind the popular Shuckers sports bar on North Bay Village collapsed Thursday night, spilling scores of customers watching the Miami Heat vs. Spurs game into the bay waters. It’s unknown if there are any serious injuries. Police units have rushed to the scene. The accident occurred at around 9:45 p.m. The packed outdoor patio deck gave way as up to 100 people were cheering the Miami Heat in their run against the Spurs. Scores of customers fell into several feet of water in the bay in the collapse.

Perkins Law Offices has been involved in a case where there were multiple injuries when a similar deck collapsed at a residential property during a party. In these types of cases there may be several at fault parties including the owners of the property, the builders of the deck, the architect and management companies. Owners of a premises have a non-delegable duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition. This means that even if the deck was built 30 years ago, the owners of the deck may be held responsible for construction errors and defects.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a deck collapse or failure please call for a free consultation at 305-741-LAWS or email us [email protected]


First VA colonoscopy case goes to trial after Miami vet contracted hepatitis C


Miami Herald РJuly 10, 2011 Fred Tasker

A Coral Gables veteran who filed a $30 million¬†medical malpractice lawsuit¬†charging that an improper colonoscopy at the Miami Veterans’ Administration hospital gave him life-threatening hepatitis C heads to Miami federal court Monday in the first of what could be dozens of similar trials. More than 11,000 U.S. veterans received colonoscopies with improperly cleaned equipment at VA hospitals in Miami, Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Augusta, Ga., between 2004 and 2009. Of the veterans who had the procedure at the three facilities, five have tested positive for HIV, 25 for hepatitis C and eight for hepatitis B. In Miami, 11 additional suits charging emotional distress have been settled out of court for undisclosed amounts, the U.S. Attorney’s office said. Nine¬†malpractice suits¬†have been filed in Tennessee. Officials in Georgia couldn’t say how many have been filed there. None has gone to trial until now.

“They don’t want to open the floodgates and take responsibility for every one of the veterans who may or may not have been infected by their procedures,” contends¬†Alexander Perkins, the plaintiff’s lawyer in that case.

– Attorney Alex Perkins was first lawyer to reach a successful settlement under the Federal Tort Claims Act alleging the VA’s¬†medical neglicence¬†in failing to propely clean and operate colonoscopy equipment led to the contraction of HIV. The Federal Courts dismissed many of the other FTCA claims brought by Veterans who received notice that they may have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis.¬†

death and tacos - blog



Miami New Times – June 22, 2009 Natalie O’Neil ¬†On a Sunday night last January, a bubbly brunette waitress named Courtney Rhon stopped for takeout at El Toro Taco in Homestead. The 32-year-old mother of two ordered a beef chimichanga and a taco dish for her 14-year-old son. There was food at home for her two-year-old. They ate together around 9 p.m., and then went to bed.

Around 2 a.m. Courtney awoke violently ill. She couldn’t stop vomiting, cramping, and sweating — and had to keep running to the toilet. When her mother, Margaret Armstrong, checked on her the following afternoon, she was still in bed sick. Her legs had turned purple.

Armstrong rushed her sick daughter to the emergency room at Homestead Hospital, where she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors tried to revive her with little success. They pronounced her¬†dead¬†at 7:16 p.m. The cause of death: Bacterial infection of the blood. Courtney’s spleen had been removed more than ten years ago after an ATV accident, and her immune system couldn’t battle the bacterial strain.Courtney’s parents¬†filed a lawsuit¬†against the restaurant June 4. It claims her¬†death¬†was due to contaminated food and negligence on the part of the owners. The family-owned Krome Avenue joint served dishes¬†not “fit for human consumption”¬†or “free of dangerous and potentially fatal bacteria,” the suit states. The family is seeking punitive damages for “loss of companionship” and “mental pain.”Courtney wasn’t the only one who got sick, claims the attorney for the dead woman’s family, Alex Perkins. Three days before her meal, a woman whom Perkins declined to name ate a beef taco and contracted¬†food poisoning. “It’s not hard to connect the dots,” he says.