Hurricane Property Damage Miami Florida

Hurricane Property Damage Miami Florida

The Hurricane Relief of lawyers of Perkins Law Offices, are here to assist you with your property damages claims. Due to the frequency of storms in the Caribbean Florida Lawyers with associates in Florida have the most experience getting fast and full reimbursement for insured losses.

Hurricane causes millions and millions of dollars of destruction to homes, apartments, commercial buildings, vacant land and business interruption losses across the south eastern portion of the United States. Whether you live in Florida or anywhere else in an affected area our Florida based Hurricane lawyers have the experience you need to assist you with your property damage claims.

If you believe you may have a Hurricane property damage claim your insurance company is required under the law to do two things. First, the insurance company has a duty to fairly and promptly investigate the claim; and 2. the insurance company has a duty to pay the claim if it is valid.

If an insurance company is not willing to fulfill their legal obligations then an insured should consult with an experienced hurricane insurance claim attorney. Under the law, each of these legal obligations must be carried out and require the insurance company’s duty of “good faith and fair dealing.” Sometimes, this duty is referred to by lawyers and courts as the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. It is called a covenant because insurance policies are contracts and contain a series of promises that parties rely on.