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Miami Hurricane Property Damage Lawyers  |  Hurricane Irma for Florida

hurricane-damage-lawyer-mimiIf your home or business gets damaged by a hurricane, DO NOT CALL THE INSURANCE COMPANY OR A PUBLIC ADJUSTER. The first and only call you should make is to the Miami hurricane property damage lawyers at Perkins Law Offices. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Reasons why you should call a Hurricane Damage Lawyer first.

1. You cannot trust your own insurance company. The insurance company will always try to pay you less than your claim is worth.
An experienced hurricane damage lawyer at Perkins Law Offices will deal directly with the insurance company for you and knows their dirty tricks to avoid payment. Insurance companies are designed to make money by collecting premiums and not paying out on claims when a hurricane comes through Florida and destroys homes and businesses. Insurance companies will send out their own inspectors, adjusters, engineers and lawyers to come up with excuses for not paying your full damages or denying payment all together. by saying the home damage is not covered.

2. To help you properly understand and comply with the insurance contract and to fill out the necessary paperwork.
The insurance companies are always looking for an excuse not to pay their insureds who they sold policies to. Your insurance policy requires you to follow certain steps in order to collect payment. If you don’t adhere to exactly what the insurance policy requires as far as paperwork and deadlines, the property insurance company can deny any you any payment. Our property damage hurricane lawyers will fill out the paperwork, supply the necessary documentation and will track and ensure all deadlines are met.

3. To make sure your losses and damages are properly and fully documented.
Perkins Law Offices’ hurricane damage lawyers have a team of loss consultants, water and mold mitigation and remediation companies, appraisers, public adjusters and engineers that will go to your home or business to assess your losses and to mitigate the damage on an emergency basis. Our team will find hidden or non-obvious damage the insurance company will not see or document.

If your home or business is damaged by a hurricane or wind event you will likely need to submit a claim with your homeowners or commercial insurance company. Unfortunately the insurance companies all to often will automatically deny coverage for the hurricane property damage claim or will lowball the appraisal so as to save themselves money or not have to pay a dime on the property damage claim. This is because insurance companies and their insurance claim lawyers are not really “on your side” and you are not in “good hands” when the the insurance adjusters and their field personnel evaluate your property damage loss. Insurance companies are in business to collect money and earn profits from premium payments, not to pay out on property damage claims to homeowners and businesses. The more wind storm or hurricane property damage claims the insurer denies or under values, the more money the insurer will have saved for its bottom line in profits. The insurance company, through their adjusters and lawyers will try to say that your property damage existed prior to the hurricane or windstorm, or was caused by water instead of wind, or was caused by long-term neglect. Perkins law offices’ Insurance claim lawyers will assist you in bringing the claim properly and maximizing the value. This is especially true in South Florida, in particular miami, where the insurance companies treat all property insurance claims as a fraudulent claim. Most homeowners insurance claims require a lawsuit to be filed in order to get the insurance carrier to pay the claim.

Our Miami Property damage lawyers handle hurricane damage claims throughout Florida. Our insurance claim Lawyers will help make sure that your insurance carrier honors the applicable homeowners or commercial insurance policy contract provisions, and does not simply ignore your claims or attempt to attribute them to issues that would leave you without the ability to recover benefits that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. If an insurance company is not willing to fulfill their legal obligations under the insurance policy then you need a Perkins Law Offices hurricane insurance claim Lawyer. Our property damage lawyer will submit the claim to the insurance, will help get the claim appraised and can even refer you to contractors. Plumbers, roofers andelectricians.

Florida law imposes legal obligations upon the insurance companies that must be carried out in accordance with the homeowner or business policy and the common law duty of “good faith and fair dealing.” This is often referred to as the covenant of good faith and fair dealing as insurance policies are contracts and contain a series of mutual promises and obligations. Perkins Law Offices and attorney Alex Perkins aggressively fight for justice as your Miami hurricane property damage lawyer and will put your homeowners insurance claim or commercial policy claim in the best position for a fair recovery. Having a hurricane damage property insurance lawyer from Perkins law Offices to handle your hurricane, windstorm or wind event damage against the insurance company will ensure that you get paid more than you would if you were not represented by a lawyer. An experienced property damage claim lawyer will increase the value of your homeowners insurance claim against the insurance company. The insurance company haslawyers, investigators, appraisers and adjuster’s on their pay roll to fight the claim, so should you. For more information on hurricane property damage claims, call to speak with a hurricane property damage lawyer from Perkins Law Offices.

death and tacos - blog



Miami New Times – June 22, 2009 Natalie O’Neil  On a Sunday night last January, a bubbly brunette waitress named Courtney Rhon stopped for takeout at El Toro Taco in Homestead. The 32-year-old mother of two ordered a beef chimichanga and a taco dish for her 14-year-old son. There was food at home for her two-year-old. They ate together around 9 p.m., and then went to bed.

Around 2 a.m. Courtney awoke violently ill. She couldn’t stop vomiting, cramping, and sweating — and had to keep running to the toilet. When her mother, Margaret Armstrong, checked on her the following afternoon, she was still in bed sick. Her legs had turned purple.

Armstrong rushed her sick daughter to the emergency room at Homestead Hospital, where she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors tried to revive her with little success. They pronounced her dead at 7:16 p.m. The cause of death: Bacterial infection of the blood. Courtney’s spleen had been removed more than ten years ago after an ATV accident, and her immune system couldn’t battle the bacterial strain.Courtney’s parents filed a lawsuit against the restaurant June 4. It claims her death was due to contaminated food and negligence on the part of the owners. The family-owned Krome Avenue joint served dishes not “fit for human consumption” or “free of dangerous and potentially fatal bacteria,” the suit states. The family is seeking punitive damages for “loss of companionship” and “mental pain.”Courtney wasn’t the only one who got sick, claims the attorney for the dead woman’s family, Alex Perkins. Three days before her meal, a woman whom Perkins declined to name ate a beef taco and contracted food poisoning. “It’s not hard to connect the dots,” he says.