Bad Start To Labor Day Miami Car Accident on I-95 South

A two-car crash on southbound I-95 in Miami on Sunday, injured four young  people,  two of which are in critical condition.  The male 21 year old driver and an  18 year old passenger were ejected from a Nissan. Two women in the back of the Nissan were also seriously injured. The accident snarled traffic for hours.  All southbound lanes on the highway had to be shut down as scores of Labor Day Weekend motorists were detoured.

Details of this terrible accident are limited at this time.  But one thing is almost certain; that there will not be enough insurance coverage available in this Miami car accident to cover all of the injuries and damages to injured passengers under the driver’s policies.  Hopefully the passengers or their family members in their households carry uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. UM insurance protects you and your family members when they are injured in an accident caused by someone else who has no insurance or not enough insurance. This type of insurance must be purchased when you apply for insurance. Unfortunately many people reject this coverage when it is offered as Florida law only requires it to be offered but not bought.

Perkins Law Offices  specializes in car accidents and UM coverage disputes.  We wish those injured  a speedy recovery.