Another Deadly Car Accident In Miami And Probably Not Enough Insurance



The Miami Herald has reported another car accident tragedy. One person was killed and two more were injured Friday when a pickup truck collided with a car in a North Miami neighborhood. Police have indicated that one of the drivers sped through a stop sign at the intersection of Northeast 142nd Street and Northeast 10th Avenue. The car, a Buick, caught fire moments after the crash killing the passenger inside the car.

We do not know all the facts yet, but 9 times out of 10, in car accident cases like these in Miami, where someone dies and there are multiple injuries, there is not enough automobile insurance to cover the losses. We have a serious problem in Miami where people drive around without any insurance whatsover or the absolute bare minimum. The irony is hat these people think they are “fully covered”. That could not be farther from the truth.

In Florida the minimum amount of insurance required is only $10,000 in PIP limits.  This won’t even cover a couple days in a hospital, much less costs of suregries, ongoing treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.  Most people do not realize that if they injure or kill someone in a car accident, that once the insurance company pays their bodily injury (BI) policy limit amounts, they can be held personally liable for the rest of the damages they caused.  Meaning their personal assetts and money are exposed once the insurance company pays.  They also do not realize that their own insurance does not even protect them for their own injuries over their PIP amount unless they pay extra for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM).  This type of coverage is often rejected when the policy is applied for to keep prices down because the law does not require drivers to have it.

There is no doubt that the passenger who was killed had no fault in causing the accident.  Unless the at-fault driver who ran the stop sign has a lot of insurance or is independently wealthy like Lebron James or Dan Marino, there will not be enough money to compensate the innocent victim. Therefore, a good attorney will have to look for other avenues of recovery.  The Miami personal injury attorney the family hires should investigate if the fire was caused by a defect in the Buick, such as a poorly designed gas tank leading to a fuel fed fire. Perhaps an airbag failed to deploy.  The black boxes should be preserved and downloaded to determine other relevant factors such as speed and braking time.

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