ALEX FERRER | Miami Personal Injury Lawyer | Chief Investigator

Alex FerrerAlex Ferrer provides investigative services for Perkins Law Offices. 

Alex has over 18 years of experience in Law Enforcement and over 8 years of experience in the private security and intelligence field.  His knowledge and expertise include investigating vehicle accidents, violent crimes, managing and conducting undercover operations and tactics, participating as a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Unit, field training officer for Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as well as working with other federal law enforcement agencies such as DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) and the Secret Service.

Having in house investigators on call allows Perkins Law Offices to rapidly respond to incidents in order to preserve crucial evidence and testimony of witnesses. Many cases can turn on whether the scene of an accident or injury is adequately documented and photographed or a witness is identified and statmentized. Alex is particularly useful in communicating with and obtaining cooperation from police officers and fire rescue personnel that may posses integral case information. Alex’s investigative techniques can lead to locating and serving defendants with process and  learning of their potential assets for judgement collection.Alex is fluent in Spanish. Being bilingual is a necessity in south florida when it comes to interviewing eyewitness and doing investigative work. He works closely with Attorney Perkins in collecting the facts and evidence that will develop and support our clients’ legal theories. Alex has undergone extensive hours of training throughout his career in areas such as undercover operations and tactics, electronic and physical surveillance, counter surveillance, report writing and investigation, interview techniques, and firearms tactics and handling.Alex has also obtained certifications as an instructor in areas such as firearms, less lethal deployment, shoot house, and human diversity.  He also holds licenses in the State of Florida for investigations, bodyguard, and armed securities. He is also the owner and CEO of Veritas International LLC, a domestic and international private firm  specializing in Intelligence, Protection, Threat Management, Risk Assessments, Training and Consulting services.

ALEX FERRER | Miami FL Personal Injury Lawyer Chief Investigator

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