A Hurricane Property Damage Lawyers Tips On Preparing Your Commercial Property For a Hurricane

While most hurricane preparedness tips focus on protecting your home from hurricane property damage, hurricanes pose a serious threat to commercial properties as well. Here are some tips from a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer for protecting your business from hurricane property damage: A Hurricane Property Damage Lawyers Tips

1. Review, update, and familiarize yourself and your staff of your hurricane plans. Prepare a hurricane emergency kit with everything that you would need to have on hand in your office during recovery operations. Make sure all of your tenants and employees know where this is located and what to do in case of emergency.

2. Establish a secure storage area. Find a windowless area where you can set up a storage space for equipment, valuable property items, important documents, and computer backups.

3. Check all roof access doors. Make sure all exterior-facing doors are all properly operating and are both locked and sealed.

4. Create an office inventory of all property and valuables. Document the condition of your property before the storm. Take photos of your business, and make sure all important documents, including your insurance policy, are stored in a safe and accessible place, preferably one protected from water and fire.

5. Remove wall hangings from perimeter offices. Store these items in offices without windows or in areas near the center of the building. If possible, move furniture away from windows or cover it with plastic sheeting.

6. Secure vertical blinds in the open position, and shut and lock all office doors. This can reduce damage significantly in the event of a window break.

7. Notify alarm service companies of potential shutdowns. A shutdown of electrical service during the storm could trigger your alarm.

8. Make pre-arrangements for temporary alternative office site. Hurricane property damage could disrupt your business for weeks or months. Make sure you have a back-up plan to minimize the impact to your business.

Despite taking precautions, your commercial property might still incur significant hurricane property damage. If so, don’t submit your claim without first speaking to a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer. A Miami hurricane property damage lawyer can help you minimize the impact to your business by helping you properly evaluate the property damage and submit the claim for an adequate amount. And when the insurance company tries to deny the claim or pay less, a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer will fight to get you more. A Hurricane Property Damage Lawyers Tips

The Miami hurricane property damage lawyers at Perkins Law Offices, P.A. know what insurance companies will do to avoid reimbursing their policyholders, despite the impact that property damage can have on your business. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable hurricane property damage lawyers will help youobtain the benefits you paid for your South Florida commercialproperties. To speak with a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer, call Perkins Law Offices at (305) 741-5297 or email info@perkinslawoffices.com. A Hurricane Property Damage Lawyers Tips