Don’t Trust the Insurance Company

July 14, 2014. Always consult a Miami Personal Injury lawyer before giving a recorded statement to an insurance company or before signing any documents they may request! Just this past month Perkins Law Offices encountered two different insurance companies that attempted to either trick clients into saying things during a recorded statement that might have destroyed insurance coverage and to sign documents that would have waived their right to bring a lawsuit.

Miami Personal Injury lawyer Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices recovered the full $100,000 policy limits from Citizens Property Insurance on behalf of a client who fell off a ladder while trimming trees resulting in a severely broken wrist. Initially Citizens conducted their investigation with a bias against wanting to provide coverage to the homeowner. They looked looked for all kinds of reasons to deny coverage to the Homeowner despite them having paid premiums in the event of a an injury occurring on their property.

Similarly an injured client of Perkins Law Offices, was offered three thousand dollars by the insurance company for the other driver who caused the accident. Supposedly the money was being offered for the property damage to our client’s car. However it was a trick. The paperwork the insurance company wanted our client to sign would have released the insurance company from any and all claims including personal injury claims. Our client wisely called Perkins Law Offices and spoke to a Miami Personal Injury before signing the release or giving a statement to the insurance company about his injuries. Luckily for this client, it was not too late.

Remember, Insurance companies are in business to make huge profits, not help to help people and pay out claims. The insurance companies and their adjusters do not work for you, they are working against you in most cases. They are not your friend, even if they work for your own insurance company. This is true for all kinds of insurance policies whether a Homeowner Policy or an Automobile Policy.

Anyone who is injured or has a friend or family member who is injured should talk to a lawyer before making statements or signing documents at the request of an insurance company. Perkins Law Offices is where to find your Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.