Perkins Law Offices Instrumental in New Miami Beach Segway Law

Perkins Law Offices Instrumental in new Miami Beach Segway Law

Miami Beach recently expanded laws to restrict access of Segway riders and tours  from several sidewalks, paths and parks in Miami Beach amid numerous reports of injures and complaints. Perkins Law Offices was instrumental in bringing this major safety concern and nuisance to the forefront  after the Miami personally injury firm began getting repeated calls about serious injuries resulting from inexperienced riders crashing into pedestrians. In particular attorney Alex Perkins has been involved in a lawsuit on behalf of a 90 year old woman who was run down from behind by a negligent Segway rider from Italy as she waled on the sidewalk of Ocean Drive in the South of Fifth neighborhood. The woman’s leg was nearly severed from her body and she almost died when the Segway wheel base collided into her as the inexperienced driver lost control of the Segway when trying to pass by her. While she has made a remarkable recovery after 4 months in the hospital she will never walk unassisted again.

Miami Beach Attorney Alex Perkins was one of the first people to bring this  safety hazard to the attention of the Miami Beach City Commission and to further expand the law that was initially sponsored by Commissioner Wolfson.  Mr. Perkins prompted the newly elected slate of Miami Beach Politicians to further limit where  Segways can ridden on Miami Beach  and to enforce the laws currently on the books including penalties for rental business that do not comply with insurance regulations. Attorney Alex Perkins spoke before the city to help explain the Segway dangers and the lack of recourse for most injured pedestrians.  Perkins Law Offices is committed to furthering the Segway safety laws on Miami Beach