njured University of Miami student hires Alex Perkins to be his Miami Car Accident Lawyer.

Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Injured University of Miami student hires Alex Perkins to be his Miami Car Accident Lawyer.

A seriously injured University of Miami student was glad he hired Miami car accident lawyer Alex Perkins who settled his claim in just a few short months. This past summer, University of Miami theatre student, Josh, was walking to the Coral Gables campus from his house, when he was suddenly struck by a car while legally crossing the street in the marked pedestrian crosswalk. Josh was hit from his left side by the vehicle which was being driven by a woman without a driver’s license and who was careless and not paying attention. The violent impact caused Josh him to be thrown onto the hood and windshield and then propelled into the air and into a tree ten feet away. He was rendered unconscious, suffered a concussion, multiple broken bones, a collapsed lung, renal contusion, and lacerations in his head requiring staples. The force of the impact was so great that his body made a dent in A-frame pillar, fender and side view mirror. His hair was left in the broken windshield. Miraculously, Josh survived and did not require any major surgery. But he and his family quickly realized they needed to call a Miami car accident lawyer.

The insurance companies defending the woman who hit Josh denied liability because the woman claimed Josh was not in the crosswalk and had headphones on. The police officer wrote up the police report that way because Josh was unable to speak at the accident scene. The police report diagram showed Josh’s body outside of the cross walk. Upset by what happened, Josh and his parents back in California, began their search for a Miami car accident lawyer. A family friend who is a Miami Beach lawyer recommended experienced Miami car accident lawyer Alex Perkins. When Mr. Perkins got the case, he immediately drove to Josh’s house, picked him up and drove them to the accident scene. Attorney Perkins took photos and inspected the intersection. It was wide open four way intersection with painted crosswalks and even yellow warning signs. Miami car accident lawyer Alex Perkins quickly realized that the police report and the defendants version of events did not add up. Experienced Miami car accident lawyer Alex Perkins studied the police reports and photos. He also had his in house private investigator locate two witnesses whose names were listed on the police report. Mr. Perkins spoke to one of the eyewitnesses whose vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction of the vehicle that hit Josh. She said she saw the whole car vs pedestrian accident unfold. She was certain Josh was in the crosswalk and she could not understand how the other woman did not seen him and stop. Especially because its a block away from the school and there is always pedestrian traffic. Being a seasoned Miami car accident lawyer, Attorney Perkins had the eyewitness sign a sworn affidavit. Perkins Law Offices’ private investigator contacted the other witness who lived near the accident scene and took her statement in Spanish. She too said she was sure that Josh was in the crosswalk. Miami Car accident lawyer Alex Perkins’ hands on approach and quick thinking turned this claim around from one of no liability into a six figure settlement for his client.

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Bad Start To Labor Day Miami Car Accident on I-95 South

A two-car crash on southbound I-95 in Miami on Sunday, injured four young  people,  two of which are in critical condition.  The male 21 year old driver and an  18 year old passenger were ejected from a Nissan. Two women in the back of the Nissan were also seriously injured. The accident snarled traffic for hours.  All southbound lanes on the highway had to be shut down as scores of Labor Day Weekend motorists were detoured.

Details of this terrible accident are limited at this time.  But one thing is almost certain; that there will not be enough insurance coverage available in this Miami car accident to cover all of the injuries and damages to injured passengers under the driver’s policies.  Hopefully the passengers or their family members in their households carry uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. UM insurance protects you and your family members when they are injured in an accident caused by someone else who has no insurance or not enough insurance. This type of insurance must be purchased when you apply for insurance. Unfortunately many people reject this coverage when it is offered as Florida law only requires it to be offered but not bought.

Perkins Law Offices  specializes in car accidents and UM coverage disputes.  We wish those injured  a speedy recovery.