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Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Hire a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you know that people injured in accidents who do not hire a Miami personal injury lawyer receive considerably lower settlement amounts from insurance companies than those who do. In fact, some injured people wind up getting nothing at all because that say or do the wrong things. Insurance adjusters know that non lawyers will not be familiar the strict rules and procedures found in insurance policies and in the law that must be followed in order successfully bring a claim. Insurance companies hope that you will not retain a Miami personal injury lawyer because they can trick most people into taking less money or even to sign paperwork waiving or releasing their rights to sue. Often times the injured parties may not even realize that have waived or released their claims by accepting small sums early on in the case or by failing comply with certain provisions that trigger payment. For example most people have no idea that they may not accept an insurance payment from the at fault insurance company without first getting permission to settle from their own uninsured motorist carrier. If you fail to do this, you will not be allowed to make a claim with your own company even though you paid premiums for your policy to cover you in the event of an accident.

The insurance companies do not want you to have a Miami personal injury lawyer because they are in business to make money, not pay out claims. The less claims that insurance companies pay out, the more profit they make. This is where we get the saying insurance companies care about profits over people. Insurance companies will deny claims, delay, make false statements, and will hide information to take advantage of someone without a Miami personal injury lawyer. A 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council found that settlement amounts for people represented by personal injury attorneys were 3.5 times greater than those who were not represented. The insurance companies are banking on you not understanding your rights and responsibilities under an insurance policy and accident laws. Even after you may receive a settlement from an insurance company, most unrepresented people don’t know they are contractually or legally obligated to reimburse their health insurance company and medical providers out of that settlement. This is called subrogation or lien rights. Failing to properly navigate this could cause you to wind up owing money at the end of a claim. A Miami personal injury lawyer will guide clients through the complicated legal maze of insurance pitfalls and traps in order to put more money in your pocket.

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