14 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 814 Miami, FL 33132
$794,000 Judgment in Segway Accident on South Beach Severely Injuring Pedestrian.
Perkins Law Offices Successfully Brokers Sale of $16 Million Miami Design District Real Estate After Concluding Litigation Over the Properties-- March 25, 2015
$212,000 settlement for man injured after car knocks him off bicycle in South Beach.
Attorney Alexander J. Perkins installed as President of the Miami Beach Bar Association on December 12, 2013
RESULTS: $10,500,000 dollar settlement in wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit arising out of tragic vehicle accident on I-75 which had many facets, including roadway construction issues, accident reconstruction, product liability, bad faith and under-insured motorist claims.
$2,500,000 settlement of product liability and negligence claim arising out of defective and negligently maintained ventilator which malfunctioned during power outage killing young man with muscular dystrophy.
$1,100,000 settlement of a young woman who was passenger in uninsured vehicle which rear ended a tractor trailer causing serious injuries including facial reconstruction, broken shoulder and neck. State Farm denied UM coverage under her father’s Umbrella policy. Complaint for declaratory relief and damages was filed and after litigating case for over a year, the court entered Summary Judgement against State Farm who paid soon thereafter.
$1,725,000 settlement for young woman who was raped on cruise ship by cabin attendant.
$1,050,000 medical malpractice settlement for wrongful death of disabled teenager who died due improperly performed emergency bronchoscopy when doctors and hospital staff failed to recognize that he developed a pneumothorax.
$1,025,000 verdict in Miami-Dade County in dram shop case for personal injuries sustained after drunk driver caused car accident.
$1,000,000 Wrongful Death settlement for family of college student killed in a drunk driving accident on a Daytona Beach highway. Alex Perkins was able to get two times of the policy limits when th after the drunk driver’s insurance company acted in bad faith and failed to immediately tender the $100,000 limits.
$1,000,000 settlement for family of man killed when the rotator blades a remote control helicopter used in the filming of a low budget movie hit man in head causing brain injury and eventual death.
$850,000 Settlement Bus hit and killed man as he stood on median in Miami Beach. Lawsuit filed against Bus Company, Owner of Bus and Construction Company performing work in the area.
$800,000 Elderly man who just underwent hip replacement was re-injured after he fell from his malfunctioning air mattress in hospital requiring additional hip surgeries.
$700,000 settlement for woman who severely fractured hip and wrist when two boats collided in the Florida Keys at night.
$640,000 medical malpractice award for widow for the wrongful death of her husband against multiple medical facilities and cardiologist where defendants failed to properly read nuclear stress tests and inform decedent he advanced heart disease, thereby negligently clearing him for elective surgery from which he died.
$600,000 full policy limits recovery from involved insurers on behalf of wife and mother of three killed in hotly contested liability car accident in Tampa, Florida.
$414,000 verdict in Key West for non surgical pelvis fracture after man rear ended off his motorcycle.
$400,000 settlement with federal government in Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) medical malpractice lawsuit brought on behalf of a Vietnam veteran who underwent a colonoscopy with contaminated equipment. It was discovered that the Miami VA potentially infected thousands of veterans to HIV and Hepatitis after not properly sterilizing colonoscopy equipment for four years.
$310,000 of personal money recovered by attorney Alex Perkins on behalf of a minor abused by her grandfather in Naples, Fl.
$275,000 settlement on behalf of 5 year old boy for broken leg due to dangerous condition on condominium property common area.
$100,000 recovery against Citizens Insurance homeowners policy for fall off ladder resulting in broken wrist
$100,000 settlement for North Miami Beach woman on bicycle hit by tow truck causing foot injury.
$340,000 recovery in negligent security case for man shot in hand at strip mall where owners of property knew area was dangerous at night and refused to fix power to parking lot lights.
Confidential six figure settlement reached against restaurant for food poisoning death.


Alex Perkins - nominated Most Effective Lawyers - Miami, FL
Congratulations to Alex Perkins, Esq. who was nominated by the Daily Business Review for Most Effective Miami Personal Injury Lawyers of 2015, also serving with excellency in the area of Real Estate. Mr. Perkins represents several land owners and retailers in the booming Design District and Wynwood areas of Miami. 
Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Alex PerkinsAlexander J. Perkins, Esq. is the Founder of Perkins Law Offices. He is recognized as one of the Legal Elite Personal Injury lawyers in the State of Florida and listed in the numerous editions of Super Lawyers, Legal Trend Magazine, and the South Florida Legal Guide. He also proudly serves as the Immediate Past President of the Miami Beach Bar Association.  LEARN MORE



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Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Florida Hurricane Damage AttorneysHurricane Matthew causes a huge damage in North Florida The number of people living in coastal areas in Florida increased by 4.2 million, or 27 percent, from 15.6 million in 2000 to 19.8 million in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. About 98 percent of the total population of Florida lives in one of the coastal counties LEARN MORE


Young Mother Suffered an Unhappy Fate at Miami-Date Mexican Eatery.
On Sunday night last january, a bubbly brunette waitress named Courtney Rhon stopped for takeout at El Toro Taco in Homestead. Around   2 a.m. Courtney awoke violently ill. Armstrong rushed her sick  daughter to the emergency room at Homestead Hospital, where she  collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Courtney's parents filed a lawsuit against the restaurant June 4. It claims her death was due to contaminated food and negligence on the part of the owners. Courtney wasn't the only one who got sick, claims the attorney for the dead woman's family, Alex Perkins (Miami Personal Injury Lawyer). Three days before her meal, a woman whom Perkins declines to name...              READ FULL ARTICLE                                                  Miami New Times                                     


VAFirst VA colonoscopy case goes to trial after Miami vet contracted hepatitis. A Coral Gables veteran who filed a $3- million medical malpractice lawsuit charging that an improper colonoscopy at the Miami Veteran's Administration hospital gave him life-threatening hepatitis C heads to Miami federal court on monday in the first of what could be dozens of similar trials. more than 11,000 U.S. veterans received colonoscopies with improperly cleaned equipment at VA hospitals in Miami, Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Augusta, Ga., between 2004 and 2009. "They don't want to open the floodgates and take responsibility for every one of the veterans who may or may not have been infected by their procedures," contends Alexander Perkins (Miami Personal Injury Lawyer), the plaintiff's lawyer in that case...                        READ FULL ARTICLE         

Perkins Law Offices (Miami Personal Injury Firm) Successfully Handles Litigation For $16 Million Miami Design District Real Estate Deal

Miami Personal Injury LawyersPerkins Law Offices today announced the successful completion of a legal battle for the control and sale of a group of adjoining properties in Miami’s booming Design District. It began with the appointment of Perkins Law Offices to defend the estate of James H. Michael, a 92 year-old man who had owned the properties in the Design District since the 1950’s. Attorney Alexander J. Perkins, Esq. and founder of Perkins Law Offices, fought aggressively on behalf of the estate and its survivors to combat attacks from a former tenant claiming option rights on the properties for a fraction of their value. Alex Perkins (Miami Personal Injury Lawyer) was able to successfully get the fiercely contested case dismissed with prejudice in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and thereafter represented the family’s estate in selling the properties  for 16 million dollars... READ MORE
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